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Who we are

The Ecotecto company is a producer of unique, ready-to-use cement-free lime plaster and bonding primer with quartz sand. We produce the highest quality materials, while taking care of the health of your family. Our products have the CE certificate (Ecological lime plaster DM-1) and the certificate of the Polish Hygiene Association (bonding soil with quartz sand).

Lime plasters - natural, healthy, durable, simply traditional

We focus on health. Our DM-1 lime plaster does not contain cement. It is harmless to humans and environmentally friendly and, what is equally important, has vapor-permeable properties. The DM-1 plaster is not a typical plastering mortar known so far. It is distinguished by excellent adhesion to almost any substrate. Due to its high elasticity, the surface made of it DOES NOT BREAK. The plaster is suitable for applying thin and thick layers from 2 mm to 30 mm (one layer). Our plaster does not require a cement foundation. For even better results of plaster adhesion to the substrate, the surface should be primed with Eco Tecto Mun-B primer before applying the Ecotecto DM-1 plaster. The product is certified by the Polish Hygiene Association.

The materials we offer are 100% hypoallergenic.

By choosing our technology, you have a quality guarantee confirmed by an attestation and the certainty that the materials from which your house is made are safe for your health and, what is important, ecological. Our lime plasters are resistant to colonization by microorganisms. This is due to the fact that hydrated lime is alkaline, which is not tolerated by most house mushrooms. Hence, for centuries, whitening of walls with lime milk (lime mixed with water) has been used and still is used.

Thanks to the use of our products, you protect yourself 100% against the occurrence of fungi and mold in your home. Our motto “Start living healthy!”.

Ecotecto Sp. z o.o.
32-400 Myślenice, ul. Słowackiego 36A